4 Ways to Send Money to the Philippines from Canada

Don’t get confuse with the title. There’s something for you to discover in this post. You’ll see. Although I  emphasize that you can send money to the Philippines from Canada, the different ways that you’ll learn on how to remit money can help you in one way or another wherever you are. How to Send […]

Mother’s Day at Sofitel Hotel, Manila: Is It Worth It?

As part of my vacation in the Philippines, I thought of booking a hotel for my mother and aunt. I didn’t have a hotel in mind; eventually, I made the right choice at the right time. Perfect timing it is. I booked two rooms for four people and spent Mother’s Day at Sofitel Hotel in […]

Donating My Books at Last

Happiness for me is seeing how neat and tidy my room is and the rest of the house. This is what Fumio Sasaki (the author of Good-bye, Things) must have felt when he got rid of his stuff. I was inspired by him and many others that I moved on to digital minimalism. All is […]

Angkor Pearl Hotel: Cheap Hotel in Siem Reap

Staying at cheap hotels taught me to be open-minded. Each has different personality like people. Either you put up with it or walk away. In our 5-day trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we stayed at Angkor Pearl Hotel. It is a cheap hotel in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat, Night Market, and Pub Street (which […]

I Found a New Hobby and It’s Growing on Me

There’s only one almond milk and remnants of sliced bread. Where are my frozen berries? Gone with the oatmeal and yogurt. I needed to go to the grocery. This is my weekly routine after doing the laundry. Related Post: Becoming a Digital Minimalist What’s in Store for Me No. Stay away from Joe, the clothing […]

PassApp Taxi: A Cheap Way to Travel in Cambodia

I read that some of the bloggers hired private tour (car or van) to go about Siem Reap, Cambodia. Because we are travelling as a group, I thought of relying on public transportation, tour agency, and good old walking in spite of hot weather. I warn you; don’t go to Siem Reap in May. An […]

How to Stay Online in Cambodia the Easy Way

“All for one, and one for all.” This quote by Alexandre Dumas sums up the effort of my siblings and I to stay online in Cambodia. It’s a team effort. We want to maximize our time and money by not getting lost and paying high transportation fare. The result: We didn’t use all the pocket […]