4 Ways to Send Money to the Philippines from Canada

Don’t get confuse with the title. There’s something for you to discover in this post. You’ll see. Although I  emphasize that you can send money to the Philippines from Canada, the different ways that you’ll learn on how to remit money can help you in one way or another wherever you are. How to Send […]

Why I Will Never Use Fido Roam Again

Unless, I have an extremely important reason to use data, I’ll never use Fido Roam for international travel. I don’t have to check in on Facebook where in the world I am. But my photos need to be automatically save on iCloud. I’ll have photos of lush forest and ancient temples that will always make […]

What Did I Buy for My Birthday

As years go by I treat my birthday as a typical day. Another day to be grateful for all the blessings. Gratitude makes the heart content and happy. This year, I decided to treat myself for one of the things on my not-so-expensive wish list. I bought a vegan ice cream. It’s special because it’s […]

Sun Life Financial Registration and Sign-in Contest 2019 (Canada)

Monthly draws will take place each month between June and December 2019 at 1:00 p.m. (ET) Well I could have easily missed the Sun Life Financial Contest (2019) if my financial advisor/agent didn’t send me a birthday card and a notice. (What’s my simple gift for myself?) Get a chance to WIN $5,000.00 in cash! Me. I’m right here. I love joining […]

Where to Get the Best Foreign Currency Exchange in Calgary

Since last month, I’ve been slacking in posting blog posts not because I am in a binge-watching camp. I was busy planning my first trip to Cambodia, it’s the second SouthEast Asian country that I will visit. (Philippines, is the first. It’s where I was born.) As of now, I’m done with the booking and […]

How I am Trying to Become a Digital Minimalist

I started the year with half of my stuff gone. A winter coat went to my friend, a bike rack made my co-worker happy, and most items were donated and sent to the Philippines through balikbayan boxes. After the tiring purging, I started the balikbayan box shopping ban. What a relief. What else is there […]

Why OFWs Should have a Philippine Bank Account

One of the tasks on my to-do list before I leave the Philippines was to buy a luggage on sale. Not huge and heavy but enough to withstand the long flight and handling (more like tossing) of airport staff. And another on my list was to open a bank account in the Philippines. I found […]