The Story of Pwede Padala

I am shy since I was young. It’s hard for me to ask a favour.

But now that I’m an OFW in Canada, I try to ask favor . . . in a nice way. “Pwede padala ng vitamins para sa aking pamilya at kay bantay na rin.”


It’s always a joy to send your love back home with things you work hard for and with the help of friends, family, and kababayan.

What is Pwede Padala?

Pwede Padala is not only your guide about every thing that can fit inside a balikbayan box. (Take note, the blog is NOT a courier company.)

Because as an OFW, we can do more.

We can give more. Save more. Be the best person we can become in Canada.

Hold on a second.

Pwede Padala is not made to turn you into a kuripot. For clarity, here are the goals of the blog:

  • To appreciate the value of what we have (and be content)
  • To find joy in giving and saving for others and oneself
  • To remember and receive what we used to enjoy in the Philippines (daing nasaan ka na)
  • To invest in yourself (in every aspect of personal growth)
  • To prepare for the future in Canada and the Philippines
  • To help Filipinos back home see the financial struggles of OFW
  • To update this list as often as possible

So how do you like the goals so far? It’s going to be fun.

Pwede Padala

It’s all about financial literacy in its simplest form.

(I’m not a fan of hard-to-remember terms, I’ll leave that to Investopedia instead.)

It’s a journey for all OFW in Canada. And Pwede Padala is where we can share our story (mostly about finance and misadventure of missing the best deal).

Who Even Bother to Make this Blog Anyway?

That would be me. Your Pwede Padala Gal.

Again, I’m not in the business of shipping balikbayan boxes or remitting money to the Philippines.

Instead, I’m a Filipino blogger, writing tips on how to fill that box yet save more. (It’s like haggling in Divisoria.)

I’ve been wanting to share what lessons Filipinos are teaching me about life whether online or in public places like chatting in a bus.

My first blog post in October years ago made me realized that I have to speak my mind.

So I decided to share and blog anonymously, although this is the fifth website I made since I came in Canada. (Mind you, I do have a job which includes watering my plants.)

Why not reveal my name?

So I can write anything I want and not be sued.

Just kidding. (Biro lang kabayan.)

I intend to write in details (with numerical figures) and not to worry of giving the wrong signal to anyone who knows me that I’m shovelling Canadian dollars like a snow.


I left most of my second-hand possession in the Philippines but not the habit of saving. Most of the time, I share personal finance tips to friends and family.

Sometimes they listen (or pretend to). Why STOP then!

So the shy girl decided to talk . . . louder on the Internet.

Aside in stubbornness, I have other odd qualities/habits I let out from my baggage which I brought all the way from the Philippines.

Read on if you are curious; otherwise, why not read the latest posts of Pwede Padala.

Random Facts About Pwede Padala Gal

Fact: I don’t like being the center of the discussion. But to be honest, I had fun thinking odd facts that I made a post about myself.

It’s a long list so I moved and turned it into a blog post.

I guess those embarrassing trivia about myself is enough but I’ll randomly share some less personal post. (Mind you, it’s not glamorous. Adventurous maybe.)

What Lies Ahead

I’m not letting you off the hook because you have to do your share.

In Pwede Padala, you can share your stories to OFWs in Canada or other countries. We can learn from each other wherever we are.

As your Pwede Padala Gal, you can also ask me a question or suggest a topic.

It’s all going to happen here. HERE!

Let’s start unboxing the priceless stories filled with cold ambiance and warmth love. (Amoy parcel box na ba?)