Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas: Financial Learning Campaign for Overseas Filipinos

This is not a habit I imagined myself to develop as an OFW–spending time on Facebook.

Yes, I fall into the trap of scanning my feeds on Facebook, a social media platform on which every Filipino probably has an account. Or accounts, one for stalking and one for socializing.

But don’t worry. I cleaned up my feeds that I only see the things related to finance and others (hobby-related pages).

One day, I came across the page of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and guess what, I instantly liked the page and shared it. From one link to another, I’ve browsed on the BSP’s websites because why not.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is the counterpart of The Federal Reserve (United States of America) and Bank of Canada (Canada). The central banks are the foundation of a country’s economy.

Financial Learning Campaign for Overseas Filipinos

So look at what I’ve found. The BSP has financial learning campaign for OFWs.

One thing I like about the resources is that it is narrated in Tagalog and based on the experiences of OFWs that I’m sure we can all relate from. (I can’t help but remember my¬†biggest mistake working overseas. No I’m not crying. Sobbing maybe. Just kidding, really.)

Since you are reading this post, might as well spend your time watching the resources after reading my post first, of course.

Financial Learning Campaign for Overseas Filipinos

You can watch nine videos; some videos wouldn’t take more than five minutes to watch. If you can watch a teleserye for hours, then you should definitely have time to broaden your financial literacy.

  1. Paghahanda sa Kinabukasan (Don’t miss this.)
  2. Piso Para sa Bayan
  3. Pasok sa Budget
  4. Entrepinoy
  5. In sa Investments (My favourite video.)
  6. Tipid Tips
  7. Alkansiya, Hindi Aksaya
  8. Buhay Balikbayan
  9. Contacts

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The Financial Learning Campaign for Overseas Filipino also has presentation with 25 slides (less than 15 second each slide):

I. Importance of Remittances
II. Significance of Financial Planning
II. Types of Financial Instruments

If you have no idea on how to invest in the Philippines, the presentation can show you the instruments/assets that can grow your money whether for short- or long-term goals. (This is my favourite part of the presentation.)

Happy Ending Story

I’ve watched all the videos and the presentation although not in one sitting. Well, I’ll do whatever works.

This is what inspired me the most while watching the videos: “Dating OFW, ngayon ay negosyante.”

Even if you don’t plan to go home for good, don’t you want to have a business or earn a passive income so you don’t have to rely on a typical 8-hour job.

We can become an entrepinoy wherever we are. May their inspiring stories become yours. Or even better.

I hope you can learn a lot from the resources and share it to others. Let’s spread the importance of financial literacy. I’ll keep posting paid or free resources (books, videos, etc) so stay up-to-date with the blog.

And of course, I’d like to hear from you as well. I maybe able to write about it on the blog for our kababayan.

Which of the financial ideas strike you the most: investing, saving, or putting up a business?

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