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It’s been a long time since I updated the About Pwede Padala page and I noticed how cluttered it is. So I move the “12 Random Facts About Pwede Padala Gal” here.

And I added more nuisances for the sake of word count regardless of self-embarrassment. The perks of being a wallflower (love that movie) and an anonymous blogger.

Have fun because laughter is a good medicine, free but highly contagious. (Or is it yawn or smile?)

15 Finance-Related Facts About Me

  1. I am a daughter of a frugal mom and much frugal dad. (Sino kaya ang mananalo sa kakuriputan?)
  2. I used to buy things with the participation and contribution of my siblings (hating kapatid).
  3. My first alkansya (piggy bank) is a plastic container with coins from my father’s winnings of Tongits. Later I also learned how to play it and happily forget about it.
  4. I used to wear hand-me-down shirts of my brother that I looked like clothes hanger in Penshoppe ukay-ukay).
  5. As I grow up my sister fortunately catch up; my favorite T-shirts are from her closet. (Her fashion sense has met my standard. She’s lucky.)
  6. My mom and I have the same size of feet. And I know her style that I even brought along a tape measure in Divisoria to buy her pants with discount (tawad).
  7. I am a personal shopper that can haggle for gifts but not on the things I want to buy.
  8. As a college student, I used to walk fast when passing by a turo turo stand in Tutuban. I saved a lot to buy bags and shoes with the help of my fast, robust legs.
  9. I like branded clothing. But I don’t like to shop if clothes are not on sale . . . at least 75% off or 50% maybe.
  10. The first finance books that I’ve read are Lazy Investor by Derek Foster (Canadian author) and My Maid Invests in the Stock Market . . . and Why You Should, Too! by Bo Sanchez (Filipino author).
  11. My dad wears reading glasses so I used to wait for the ticker symbol of his blue-chip stock on TV. On Sunday, I looked for the closing price in the newspaper with fine print. I don’t even know (nor care) what those numbers meant. Now I do.
  12. My sibling, a cousin, and I used to have a sort of paluwagan but we only get what we saved for the year. I was in charged of writing down the contribution on an index card. Fast forward, the three of us became in charge of family finances.
  13. My first investment in Canada is a bike which I still use. Health is my priority because how can you make a living and passive income if you don’t have a clean bill of health.
  14. I attended my first finance seminar about social responsible investing by accident. I thought it was about social media; silly me. Either way, I never had regret.
  15. My motto: numbers are just numbers; as long as things look new without defect. It will perfectly make do. If not refer to no. 7.

How are you doing so far? Not yet bored then keep on reading because this is the first and last random facts post about myself. (Sort of like a limited edition.)

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I also love to visit galleries like Contemporary Calgary. And it’s free.

15 Random Facts About Me

  1. Buying a house is my lifelong dream.
  2. I became a vegetarian and tea aficionado in Canada. It wouldn’t be possible in the Philippines with my mom always concern about my health and sleeping habits.
  3. I had my first cellphone (not smart phone) after college. My mom insisted that I should have my own cellphone. (It ended up in my drawer most of the time. It should have been a laptop instead.) As an OFW, I send iPhone to the Philippines.
  4. Punctuality is always a challenging task. Commuting overseas helps me be on time most of the time.
  5. I started baking when I became a vegetarian and successfully baked my favourite bread: cinnamon. Which remind that I need to buy a rolling pin instead of using an empty glass jar.
  6. I am a nerd and a bookworm. If I’ll be stranded in an island, I can survive with only my gadgets and Wifi. (I’ll read an ebook or listen to audio book. Brilliant isn’t it.)
  7. Till this day, I wonder why Sailormoon wasn’t recognize by her friends or anyone. She doesn’t even have a mask or anything. Why?
  8. Watching TV is a mundane activity I never thought of abandoning. I am a survivor. These days, I only watch on mobile devices and laptop.
  9. I became a vegetarian because I’ve read a post on Squawkfox. Cleaned my side of the pantry with junk. Cut veggies and fruits. Practice compassion whenever I failed then move on. This is the cycle I still do today but with less failure and more compassion to every being.
  10. I am a gaya gaya. First, I imitated my brother who loves to draw, then so is my aunt who loves to garden.
  11. I thought myself how to play the guitar and piano without buying the instruments. But I bought a book to help me read notes and chords. Ironically, I read the book before I can even get my hands on a guitar or piano. So thinking attracts realization.
  12. I believe in vision board. My corkboard in my room is filled with cruise clippings, utensils in IKEA, quotes (eg. KISS as in keep it simple, silly), and bill payment schedule. It turned out that I never missed paying my bills. I’m still working on the cruise part and probably opt for Asian trip.
  13. I grew up with dogs so it’s like a Jungle Book story in the city with canines. When I moved to Canada, I didn’t have any pets so I started gardening in and outside the house.
  14. I don’t know how to swim but would love to learn regardless of how old I am. It’s the only sports that I can’t try on my own. I’ve tried tennis, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, rollerskating, and longboarding. I didn’t break any bones but hit the pavement several times. Luckily no one was around.
  15. Art is always part of me. I almost took an art course in college. If I did, I might not be blogging here in Canada. Everything has a purpose. Art is always there. Writing is an art but I would love to hang a my own painting in my dream house someday.

There you have it; 30 things about myself. I was tempted to write more but what we have here is enough for now.

You’ll get to know me more in every blog post especially in the Personalan category so make sure to subscribe.

It was fun thinking of who I used to be and what direction and dreams I want to pursue right now and in the future.

I realized that I will always be a child at heart no matter how much I age. (That’s another random fact.) Maybe writing is a fountain of youth? I’ll keep on writing with or without grey hair or wrinkles.

If curiosity is bothering you to ask questions about my weird thoughts or habits, then give in. Ask me or forever hold your peace.

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