Attention FIDO Customers: Watch VICELAND Channel for Free

After I decided not to send my iPhone in the Phillipines once I fully paid the balance, I became a FIDO customer.

I chose the bring your own phone (BYOP) plan which means I only pay for data, talk, and text every month.

My phone is more than a year old now and I have no plan to get a new one yet. (But that iPhone 6 or 6s is so tempting.)

Watch Viceland Channel

Distraction will take my mind off spending. Netflix comes to the rescue and the new addition of VICELAND channel.

For all FIDO customers you can watch VICELAND channel for free. If not you can still watch some of the episodes for free on YouTube.

Steps on How to Watch VICELAND Channel

I’m using my iPad for this tutorial so the steps may differ but you’ll be able to install the app for sure.

  1. Create an account on FIDO
  2. Download the VICE app for iOS (iPad and iPhone) or Android
  3. Open the app > Account > select FIDO as the provider
  4. Enter your Fido mobile number to get the 6-digit PIN through text message
    Viceland - Fido
  5. Enter the PIN on the app > Accept the terms and conditions
  6. Explore and watch free shows

While it’s easy to watch VICELAND channel on your mobile devices, make sure to manage your time or else it can be another Netflix addiction.

What to Watch on VICELAND

VICELAND is different from other channels because of the variety of topic from arts, music to technology.

There are so many to choose from but some topics might not be appealing to everyone such as drugs, anti-immigration, and violence.

And it’s all right because we become aware of what’s happening beyond our circle of family and friends.

So far I have few favourites that you’ll also like:

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  • 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask
  • Like Art

This free access might take away my time with some of the things I love to do like blogging. Still it’s a frugal way to broaden my perspective in different issues.

Enjoy watching the shows and don’t forget to grab a popcorn. Share this freebie from Fido to your friends and family.

Which show is your favourite to watch on VICELAND?

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