I Found a New Hobby and It’s Growing on Me

There’s only one almond milk and remnants of sliced bread. Where are my frozen berries? Gone with the oatmeal and yogurt.

I needed to go to the grocery.

This is my weekly routine after doing the laundry.

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What’s in Store for Me

No. Stay away from Joe, the clothing section of Real Canadian Superstore. I don’t need another graphic kid shirt, the size that fits me well.

So I lingered in the produce section. Found an almond milk and ginger for my home-made kombucha.

Seriously you can make your own kombucha. It’s cheaper than commercial drink.

Aha. There are green inedible critters on a pot. It’s not an accident that I was wondering in this area. I’ve been pining over this indoor plants and can’t decide if I should adopt them as my pets.

I have to pay and keep them alive. I doubt I can do both.

Then there was this one leaf of cactus lying on the shelf. No pot. No soil. None were paying attention.

I was lucky that I spent so much time watching on YouTube as a form of procrastination.

I can save the cactus from it’s lonesome existence.

How to Propagate a Cactus

The video of Beck and Cai about their trip to gardens thought me how a piece of cactus can thrive even without roots.

  1. Place the rootless cactus in a dry place.
  2. Leave it there till new roots come out.
  3. Plant it in a pot and water it.

Most importantly, keep it alive.

That’s what adulting means. Being responsible enough to care for other beings.

(How many cactus I inadvertently drown in the past? I voluntarily forgot. My best wasn’t good enough.)

Growing cactus

It’s Thriving

Sort of. I put my pet in a temporary pot, a lid of a laundry detergent lying around the house. Recycling at its best. The soil came from another pot.

Come to think of it, my effort to save the cactus, costs me nothing at all.

It’s evidently a labor of 1% love and 99% luck.

How come it’s still alive? And it keeps growing. Well there’s something sticking out underneath so I must be doing something right.

Cultivating a cactus is easy. Really. Go to a store. Pick up some leaves behind for free and propagate it at home.

Where should I go next to find more unwanted pet plants?

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