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Here are my favourite financial Bloggers in the Philippines, Canada, and anywhere in the globe. I’ll continue to update the list so keep on checking.

I love to hear from you. If you are blogging about finance or your favourite blogger is not on the list, let me know.

Some of the bloggers have become a millionaire in different currency (pesos, dollars, etc.). I emphasized them for inspiration and proof that it is possible to achieve financial freedom wherever you are.

Updated: May 18, 2018


Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense – the first finance blog I’ve followed
Burn Gutierrez – former OFW
Edelweiza of Life in Manila
Fitz Villafuertemy most favourite
Jill of Frugal Honey
Maven of The Corporate Slave
Marvin of Do It Wais
Pinas for Goodmy 2nd favourite, a millionaire in her 20’s
Vince Rapisura – founder of SEDPI, which provides financial literacy trainings to low-income OFWs


Freedom 35 Blogmy most favourite; I learn the uncommon ways of investing and love the random useless facts
Nelson of Financial Uproar – I love the humour and straightforwardness
Stephen Weyman of HowToSaveMoney
Dan Bartolotti of Canadian Couch Potato – index investing
Kerry Taylor – Squawkfox – personal finance, budgetting
Tim Nash of Sustainable Economist – Socially Responsible Investing
Jordan Maas of Money Maaster – he has passion in investing and cocktails

More Financial Bloggers

Millionaire before 50 – a Filipino-American in the US who becomes a millionaire. (I’m assuming it’s in US dollars.)
J Money of Budgets are Sexy
Paula Pant of Afford Anything – catching up on the podcast (50% already), found it through

Other Resources

iMoney Philippines – personal finance tips

PF Bloggers Directories

Do you want to discover more personal finance bloggers? Check out these directories that I joined or been invited to be part of the community:

Modest Money
Personal Finance Analyst

You can also submit your blog to reach out and spread financial literacy whatever financial state you are in right now.

To all the bloggers, thank you so much. Pay it forward. Keep on blogging!