Please Let Me Cancel My TFC Subscription

Nahulaan mo ba ang title ng mga episodes sa Maalaala Mo Kaya?

The long-time running show of Charo Santos and On the Money (one of the shows advocating financial literacy in the Philippines) are the reasons why I applied for TFC subscription for two years. It is also known as The Filipino Channel.

I had a basic subscription which cost $20.95 a month which I haven’t used as much ever since the On the Money wasn’t available anymore.

For months I was thinking of cancelling the TFC subscription. Then I finally came into conclusion of just doing it.

Breaking Up with TFC Subscription is Hard to Do

Little did I know that getting rid of a credit card is easier than cancelling a TFC subscription. Masyadong madrama ang sumunod na mga pangyayari.

I called the customer service number (1-855-832-2632) then talked to a friendly kababayan . . . who is so concerned of my watching routine that I’ve been asked a lot of questions

1. How do you spent your free time?

Me: As productive as possible such as cooking and laundry.

2. How will you be able to stay informed about the news in the Philippines?

Me: I never watched the news aside from business news. Positive and negative are all over the news plus the showbiz tsismis. All of which are draining and depressing except the good news if there’s any. If there is only a way to filter what I can watch then . . . nah. I only watched the news when I was younger because my parents like it. Or maybe I was waiting for my turn to get a hold of the remote and watch cartoons.

Cancelled TFC Subscription

3. How will you be able to watch the Teleserye?

Me: I don’t watch Teleserye. Deretsahan talaga. May Netflix na kasi eh.

The only show that I’ve been hook was Gimik and that was it. Don’t judge me here but I prefer to watch Koreanovela or similar to it. I like seeing different places, fashion, and most importantly a story with comedy, history, etc. Do you have any recommendation? I heard Goblin is incredible based on the fanatic, exaggerated reviews.

4. Is there someone in the house who would like to continue the service? The account can be transferred to another person but they’ll have to make the call. (My housemates love Teleserye and also there C$20.00 so they chose the latter. I would do the same that’s why I cancelled the subscription.)

After giving my honest answer “I prefer to watch foreign documentary and movie.”

So I’m promoting it again. It’s not my album for sure. Please, please watch What the Health on Netflix or however. Just watch it.

OK from recommendation, let’s go back to my mission impossible.

Success Doesn’t Come Easy

Trying not to sound annoyed with my crusade, I was able to cancel the subscription. The call ended after I paid the service for the month.

Tip: Have the credit card you use to pay the bill in handy. It will be charged for the last time when you cut the cord.

Expect a call from the TFC staff for further instruction about what you will do with the device and peripherals.

More Drama and Work

Two days had passed and I haven’t received a call. So I called instead.

Then there goes the attempt for the staff to convinced me not to push through, to surrender. I’m not waving the white flag. I defend my frugality fortress with the statement which is simple, and again honest.

“I don’t need it anymore.”

My stubbornness prevailed. I called to know the further instructions. Nothing more. After the call I received an email the next day with the following forms:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • FCC Form
  • Shipping Label from FedEx

TFC IPTV Box and Peripherals

Within the same day I returned everything including the IPTV box and remote.
If you are in Calgary, you can return in the address below or use the locator.

FedEx Authorized ShipCentre
Sure Print And Copy Centre
3709 17 Ave SW Calgary, AB T3E0C1
(Nearest cross street: 37 Street)
(403) 242-7178

Call the number to make sure that the store is still there. It took me three attempts to finally find the right store with correct address both in reality and in the Google map.

Will I Reunite with TFC in the Future?

Maybe I will if there’s a Koreanovela and I have more time to spend without guilt. But I still have to listen to podcast and watch more documentaries in my playlist.

That’s just me. It’s OK to spend toonies (C$2.00) on cookies from Dollar Store and eat while commuting and blogging. Don’t forget to wipe the crumbs off your face.  (I wrote this post in downtown Calgary and posted before midnight. Trying to stay committed.)

The point is, if watching Teleserye makes you happy and it doens’t interfere with your responsibilities then watch to your heart’s content.

Cheers to the loveteam of the year or the bida with nine lives like a cat. You are in charge with the remote and most importantly, the household finance.

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  1. Congratulations for severing the ties. I’ve been trying to convince my wife to cancel TFC (and cable subscription altogether). Daming shows kasi na nakaka ‘bobo’, especially the noontime ones. But she won’t let me because my in-laws are hooked to it.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      I know the feeling msolve1. My parents are just like your in-laws. Some can graduate from watching cartoons but others can’t do away with noontime shows or teleserye which you already you the ending not even halfway through the series. I like watching On the Money and some business shows in TFC and a bit of Charo Santos because it’s a family tradition. But I can use the time for more important things or still watch those shows without paying. Thanks to the Internet. If you don’t like watching TFC shows, is there any show (not necessarily related to finance) you can recommend that is worth watching on YouTube or Netflix?

  2. MillionaireBefore50 says:

    Well, I don’t totally despise TFC. Besides the news, I sometimes watch Filipino shows like Ipaglaban Mo, Ang Probinsyano, and even Charo Santos. But I don’t follow the shows. I get easily turned off as soon as someone starts ugly crying or when there’s heated verbal exchange at the top of their lungs (typical scene that you can find only in Filipino-made scripts). Most scenes have lots of unnecessary dialog that doesn’t add to the story. On Netflix, I’ve been watching Narcos lately. If you’re a history buff, you should see The Vietnam War – on PBS.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      I agree. If there’s a Koreanovela, then I could have considered keeping the TFC. Narcos has a good review and so is Breaking Bad. I can’t watch PBS on my laptop. I’ll try it on the app or use a VPN instead. These days, you can get by with mobile devices and Wifi. Who knows how long is the lifespan of cable will be. Thanks for the tip.

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