Boost Your Philippine Financial Literacy through TV Shows

I have a confession to make. I’m a TV addict. I used to watch TV so much that I can fall asleep while watching—and still sitting.

I remember watching Ewoks on black and white TV on Sunday night while everyone was sleeping. (Hmmm . . . no TV curfew?)

Don’t worry I never had any bukol thanks to anyone who woke me up. That would be my mother most of the time.

Philippine Financial Literacy

But when I moved to Canada, I stopped watching TV because of lack of time. Surprisingly that didn’t bother me at all.

But ever since I become so interested to widen my Philippine financial literacy, I knew I had to bring back the old, good habit of watching TV.

The Allies of Philippine Financial Literacy

My conclusion: regardless wherever you are, learning financial literacy about the Philippines is not impossible. If you have a laptop, a smartphone, or TV then you are good to go.

Here are the list of TV shows I’ve been watching for several years now:

1. ANC On The Money

I cannot recall how I stumble upon ANC On The Money but I was certainly lucky to find the show online.

On June 30, 2012, the show started programming. Currently, the show is hosted by Edric Mendoza, Salve Duplito (speaking for myself, she’s the Philippine counterpart of Suze Orman, famous financial advisor in USA), and Lexi Schulze.

I like the format of the show. You can learn to invest, save, and start a business in the Philippines while working overseas. Through the show, I discovered finance blogger, state of the Philippine economy, and so much more.

You can send questions on ANC On The Money Facebook Page and you’ll have the chance to get practical tips from the experts in the upcoming episodes.

Watch ANC On The Money (Free on YouTube)

Unfortunately, you can only watch the full episodes in Season 4 through The Filipino Channel (TFC) or iWant TV.

Good news: if you don’t feel like spending, you can still watch short clips of the episodes on the Facebook page of ANC On The Money. (Don’t hesitate to ask question or send a message. You can also get advice from a kababayan.)

This is one of the way to spend your time wisely on social media. But don’t overdo it though; it’s easy to browse from ANC On The Money to a video of dogs and cats smiling on selfie.

2. Bloomberg TV Philippines

Over the years YouTube has replaced the cable channel in my routine and I was lucky to discover Bloomberg TV Philippines.

The good thing about watching the show on YouTube is that, the clips are short. I can learn the current index performance of Philippine Stock Exchange, economic policy, and more.

Watch Bloomberg TV Philippines (Free on YouTube)

My favourite episodes are Bright Ideas and Talk and Tech because I can stay up-to-date with the latest startup in the Philippines. I’ll write more about the Philippine startup scene in the succeeding blog posts.

Tips on Watching Shows on YouTube

1. Download the YouTube app on your iOS or Android phone so you can subscribe and watch the TV shows as soon as videos are uploaded.
2. Enable update notification of new videos: go to the channel page > subscribe > tap the bell icon

Google has more information on how to get notified about all updates for a specific channel.

3. Business Nightly

Last on my list is Business Nightly. Unfortunately, you cannot watch it for free. You must subscribe to TFC (The Filipino Channel) on your cable or IPTV (TFC rental box).

Subscribing to TFC (basic) leads to the cancellation of the cable (SAVING TIP).

I watch the show On Demand whenever I have the time, usually while eating breakfast or cooking in the kitchen; but most of the time I binge-watch Business Nightly.

Through the show, I learn in depth views about the Philippine economy of varying sectors (eg. real state, mining, infrastructure etc.).

Occasionally before the show ends, a founder of a startup in the Philippines is showcased.

Final Thoughts

OK, now that I’m done with my list which I’ll update as often as necessary (I welcome all the suggestions) it’s your turn to take part in the effort for the Philippine financial literacy.

It should start with you. Apply what you learn and share you new-found knowledge to others.

Part of learning is sharing and asking so feel free to comment on the blog.

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