5 Places to Visit in Vancouver for Free

I realized that this is my first post about travelling in Canada. Well, chronologically, I wrote about my stay in Budget Inn Patricia Hotel which led me to write about the places I visited in Vancouver for free.

But this is special because it thought me that I can travel on a budget.

Places to Visit in Vancouver, BC

It was my one-day-backpacking adventure. I have the dream of becoming a digital nomad, a person who works and travels at the same time whenever and wherever.

Vanlife or tiny house also piqued my interest. For now, I’ll travel in Canada or whatever itinerary that fits my budget.

Let me know in the comment which tourist attraction in the list you have visited so far. I also love to know any suggestions on where to go and what to eat (preferably plant-based food).

5 Places to Visit in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)

As most travelers do, I didn’t spend much time in the Patricia Hotel. I explored the FREE tourist attractions in Vancouver. As you can tell I love to walk in nature and stay on the budget.

1. Steam Clock

Steam Clock

Three Canadian cities in British Columbia have steam clock powered by steam engine. You can find one in Gastown, Vancouver. The other steam clocks are located in Whistler and  Port Coquitlam, BC.

2. Gassy Jack


From the steam clock, you can walk in Gastown to see the old buildings and the statue of Gassy Jack, the father of Gastown. In some part of Gastown, you’ll step on old stones. This area isn’t as busy as the downtown Vancouver.

3. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park

Dr. Sun-Yat-Sent Park in Chinatown

Next stop is the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. From the steam clock, I managed to walk all the way to the garden. The Chinatown in Vancouver is bigger compare to Calgary, Alberta (AB)

4. Richmond Market

Richmond Market in Vancouver

At night you can visit the Richmond Market. It is like Divisoria and Perya where you can buy all sorts of accessories, watch  yo yo tricks, and eat every imaginable food.

Although there is an entrance fee of $2.75 for adults (free for those under 13 or over 60), we still had to wait on a long queue.

I’m not sure if Richmond Market is accessible via bus because it is located in a huge vacant lot. Looking up, you can see the flyovers, cars, and city lights.

5. Stanley Park

Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia

The following day, I spent most of the remaining time in Stanley Park before going home. In a short amount of time, I get to see the Fountain in Lost Lagoon and totem poles that are located in the park.

If I could spend more days in the park, I’ll rent a bike to explore the sea wall.

Fountain at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Till this day, I’m annoyed to myself why . . . oh why I haven’t visited the Vancouver Public Library and Vancouver Art Gallery. (Oh I don’t have time. That’s why.)

Where to Go Next

I love to know your favourite spot in Vancouver in the comment and also include tips on how to get there. With this summer trip, I’ve proven that travelling on a shoestring is possible. There are trade-offs and setbacks. In the end, I can say that I had so much fun.

Other Resources:

I found more places to visit in Vancouver with or without fee. You can go to gardens, museums, and beaches.

You can do a lot of things in Vancouver. Can’t wait for my next trip to visit the gardens and NO bridges or heights for me.

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