Donating My Books at Last

Happiness for me is seeing how neat and tidy my room is and the rest of the house.

This is what Fumio Sasaki (the author of Good-bye, Things) must have felt when he got rid of his stuff. I was inspired by him and many others that I moved on to digital minimalism.

All is well except for a tall order.

I have a shelf full of books.

Add photo of books

The number of books I have is more than my clothes (excluding indoor and outdoor socks).

I’m torn between keeping and giving away. Affair of the books is hard to deal with. I can’t even let their future depends on a toss-coin decision making. This is way more serious.

Why Become Paperless

When I was a young girl, all I could dream of is to have a shelf full of books (with encyclopedia, of course) and a room of my own.

As an adult, I have both except that encyclopedia becomes obsolete; but I still adore them to pages. But I have to give my beloved books away.

Why the change of hearts?

I feel as though, I’m wasting their opportunity to be read by others by keeping them on my bookshelf.

Some books, I read; a lot will never be read. Only a few I would love to keep and read again and again like Walden by Henry David Thoreau, the pioneer of minimalism and tiny house in my opinion.

Youheum of Heal Your Living inspired me to re-evaluate my shelves.

She is a digital nomad freelancer (graphic artist) and draw using her gadgets and borrow books at the library.

Often times, I borrow books at the library and finish it often because of the time limit. Through my library card I can also borrow audiobooks, study online, and watch movies. All for free.

It’s time to let go of my books. But not Netflix. Not yet.

Where Do I Buy and Donate My Books

Ironically, I bought and donated my books in thrift store like Vallue Village and Goodwill Bookstore.

But most of my used books came from Calgary Reads Big Book Sale. It’s a 3-day book sale every summer. I used to go and splurged without guilt.

Some even bring there luggage to be able to carry all the books priced as low as $1 (loonie).

How can anyone not buy anything there; I have to mention that classic (really old) books are bargain.

OK. I made my point. You should go there if you’re looking for books for yourself or as a gift.

Little Free Library at Calgary, Alberta

Little Free Library

On my way to work I often pass by Little Free Library. It’s a cute box with books in it.

The objective is to invite people to borrow a book and give theirs for free.

It’s a box full of sharing and giving.

Lately, I’ve been putting some of my books inside and hoping that they will find a new home. Someone who will cherish them and have time to read.

It feels great to share whatever I have by changing my perspective about book ownership.

As I gradually give away my book, I am more mindful of what to buy or not. I’m digitizing my documents and borrowing books often in the library to get used of my new lifestyle.

It just keeps getting better becoming a minimalist.

I added succulent as a pet plant in the things I value. Clean and green is what I often see as a reminder in the street of the Philippines.

Final Thoughts

I’ll leave a few books that I love. As of lately, I’ve been learning Spanish and bought a few books which are all free. When I’m done, I’ll be likely donating them pronto.

The takeaway here is to own what you value the most and not what will others see you based on one’s possession.

What is your favourite book whether it’s about personal finance, self-help, or fiction?

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  1. I absolutely love the look, the feel and the cosiness of a wall of books. The problem for me is space. And even that, how often do I reread my favourite classics? Barely, if ever.

    Ever since I switched to the Kobo Glo, I miss the tactile feel of a book but it is worth it because I have space instead, not books.

    The only ones I would keep in paper copy are photography ones, personal books, and style ones where you need photos and colour.

    Otherwise, I’m pretty stingy on space for books. Even videos … it has to be digital ..

    My favourite self help was actually the same – goodbye things, and various other books.

    Try reading Essentialism, you might like it.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Hi Sherry. I used to have Kobo but it was way too heavy and slow. Now I used my iPad and iPhone. I started saving for iPad Pro now that it has its own OS. I often heard the book Essentialism mentioned several times in The Minimilists Podcast. I’ll check my library if it’s available. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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