Going Home: The Start of My Journey and a New Life for Another

I am stubborn. Sometimes it’s a good trait. (It is.)

But I used it in a wrong way. I spent a year thinking of making Pwede Padala.

It doesn’t have a name before. The idea for a blog’s name came easily just as the topic for blog posts I kept in my laptop and notes in smartphone.

Then finally, here is my first post as your Pwede Padala Gal. (Although chronologically, the first thing I wrote was the About Pwede Padala.)

For this blog I have to find a new host and a premium theme. Yes, these are the blog expenses I avoided for years.

But for a new blog for my kababayan why hesitate to give the best space (and more time) on the Internet to empower ourselves with financial literacy. (I’ll keep mentioning this term. There goes my stubbornnes again . . . for a good reason.)

Pwede Padala is in my 2015 to-do list for a while.

This first post is the start of my journey with you.

And sadly, the end for a dear friend.

What forced me to work on it is an unfortunate event to a friend of mine. No one had an accident or in a serious health condition.

My friend went home . . . broke.

Going Home to the Philippines

It’s not a pilay. No tuba or bandage can heal financial brokenness.

Everything is going as it has been for less than a decade for my friend.

Work in the same company. Send money back home. Spend here and there.

Save what’s left . . . if there is.

It’s a routine that ended when work permit for temporary foreign workers were not renewed under certain conditions.

2015 is a tough year. All of a sudden the reality sets in.

The winter wonderland is no longer a paradise for an OFW with bills piling up in Canada and the Philippines.

I asked myself how a hard working person with dedication to family went home only with the hope that everything will be fine.

It wasn’t enough.

OFWs have to be more . . . financially literate whether living in Canada or in the Philippines (for retirement).

So this is how my friend’s story in the winter wonderland ended.

I sincerely hope that the bright side will shine in our tropical country. May the lessons in the life in Canada remain with my friend.

I may not be able to do anything for a my friend yet OFWs will keep on seeking greener grass overseas.

For my kababayan, I decided to continue volunteering, this time, by writing on Pwede Padala.

May I ask a little favor?

Will you help me in broadening the financial literacy of Filipinnos through your questions and suggestions?

Salamat in advance kabayan.

Let’s start creating a story with a happy ending that may end back home or wherever the heart desires.

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