How I Get Rid of Moustache for Less than $5

This is my 101 post, the first post after the hundred is a special milestone for me that I want to do something different. Something I’ve  never written about before.

For the ladies, I am revealing my secret on how I get rid of my moustache for a price of one almond milk without discount.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Moustache or Mustache

No. My tips doesn’t include the facial hair removal through painful waxing or expensive laser treatment. I will share how you can stay within the affordable beauty regimen budget.

1. Epistick

Before tackling the issue of having visible female moustache, I never heard of epistick. It probably looks like a stick. It’s one of the simple inventions that works well if you are using it the right way.

It’s also incredibly cheap that I bought two episticks on eBay. Since I’m in Canada, it probably took a month to receive it. If you are in the Philippines, it will probably take less time if the seller is from China where most of the products are made based on my years of online shopping experience.

So how do you use it? It’s a bit tricky at first. A demonstration is better than words so watch the video.

Oh it’s a bit painful so try to do it slowly and regularly. (Why does beauty equate to pain?) I was swearing the whole time before I learned how to use it properly.

It may look easy but when I tried it, I failed several times. Keep on practicing.

Tip: Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. The trick is to use epistick every day or every other day in the morning (and evening) before having a shower. You can do it in less than 1 minute and wake up your housemates if you scream like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

Otherwise, if you let the hair grow longer, the epistick is less effective that you’ll have to resort to the next method.

2. Tweezers

This is quite obvious but I didn’t imagine myself using it to remove my moustache because I see my folks using it to pluck out their white hair as part of their afternoon routine.

I even get to wield the tsane as a child and wonder why their white hair always comes back. There it goes. I can hear Celine Dion singing It’s All Coming Back to Me Now. Baby, baby, baby. Stop. Stop. Right now. OK moving on.

I only use tweezers (bought from the Philippines of course) for the hair that the epistick cannot remove. Usually I use it at the corner of my lips because it’s hard to roll the epistick on that area.

Whether I use epistick and the tweezers,  I still feel a bit of pain and it takes so much time of my hygiene regimen. There must be a faster and better way to get rid of female moustache.

Get Rid of Moustache with Epistick and Tweezers

Left to right: Epistick and tweezers.

3. Razor

No more ouch and cursing. I first thought of shaving the facial hair above my upper lip like what my dad and brother is doing but I fear that the hair will get thicker.

That wasn’t the case (for me). Hurray !!!

This idea came from Sorelle Amore. While watching a random tutorial about photography, I saw her other videos. See, there’s a good thing in watching YouTube videos recommended by an algorithm.

Nina of Minimalist Ninja prefer to use a safety razor; she’s vegan and advocates zero waste. Getting a safety razor is in my to-do list but for now I’m using a Gillette disposable razor for shaving my mustache, arms, and legs.

I only use a regular bath soap like Dove to dampen the area.

I noticed that the hair on my legs and arms are not growing in numbers but it gets thicker. You can also use shaving cream. I’ve tried eos shave cream because it was on sale; the product does its job well because my skin was smooth after shaving.

You can give a shave cream a try and stick with it if you’re into smoothness but don’t forget not to go overboard the budget.

Tip: To avoid rusting, keep your disposable razor in a drawer or any storage on which the razor will stay dry when not in use.

What I Do Now to Remove Facial Hair

I am only using disposable razor every other day before having a shower in the morning. The epistick ended up in the recycle bin because my sister is lucky not to have moustache. I often share to her my discoveries like the Aztec Indian Healing Clay and activated charcoal.

As time past, I’m enjoying the routine and I don’t have plan to try the laser treatment or waxing which I did on my eyebrows years ago. My eyebrows will have to deal with tweezers twice a week, that is, if I don’t forget.

By the way, tweezers are one of my favourite pasalubong from the Philippines like a medicine. It’s cheap and light; no one will have a trouble at the airport with it inside a luggage or carry-on baggage.

What do you think, should I write more of these saving tips for the ladies? I’m leaning more towards natural remedy. We’ll see.

If you have some tricks on how to get rid of facial hair or any affordable health and beauty products share it with us.

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