How I Save on Grocery at Freestone

Note to self: This is your 100th blog post. What? Already? I’m not crying tears of joy. OK. Write more.

Looking at my spreadsheet, I noticed that the only expenses that is flexible to budget is my grocery and apparel shopping.

The latter is easier to handle. As for my grocery, I need to have my non-dairy milk which I refer to as my elixir, the fountain of youth. (No. I can’t back it up with scientific research.)

So when I had the chance to shop at a Freestone, a grocery store famous for its affordable price, I was ecstatic to the brim.

Freestone Produce in Calgary

Freestone Produce Inc.
Address: 10-3220 5 Aveneu NE, Calgary AB T2A 5N1
Tel: (403) 248-4466

What Did I Buy at Freestone

I wasn’t able to find my elixir, but I managed to buy foods that I had to come up with ideas on what to cook for a week or two.

Mushroom – $2.15
Green Salad – $1.50
6 pieces of english cucumber – $2.99
Navel orange – $3.13
Garlic – $0.99
Roma tomatoes – $0.90
Green peppers – $0.94
Cauliflower – $1.00
Vermicelli – $1.00
Cantaloupe – $2.99
Bag – $0.15
Total – $17.74

Note: I always have to double checkĀ  because the price is either based on per piece or per pound in Canada.

Although I was complaining how heavy the cauliflower was which is about the size of a human head (teenager maybe), I have nothing to complain about how much I save on grocery for this month.

Then a Problem Comes Knocking In

How am I suppose to eat all of it?

I’m happy to say that the cauliflower didn’t go to waste. I used it to cook vegan lentil soup with masala and other frozen veggies I tend to forget I have.

The salad turned into soup. It was cold and I want to have something hot along with rice. (It was definitely a great idea. I can hardly taste the bitterness of kale in the soup.)

But the honeydew and cucumber ended up in the green bin for organic waste. My hunger couldn’t catch up with the supply of food. I should have put it in the freezer together with the other forgotten veggies.

My mistake. I saved and wasted a lot.


Buying bundle of food with affordable price will do good for huge family consumption.

Not for me though. I rather buy food that I need for two weeks so nothing will end up in the trash because of forgetfulness and satiety.

Still, I have no regrets.

I know now that there are places to score affordable healthy food, real food that you can cook and eat for a week or so.

How do you save on your grocery? Did you change your diet or find a grocery haven?

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