How to Renew NBI Clearance in the Philippines from Abroad

Living overseas for several years has kept me from thinking on how to renew NBI Clearance in the Philippines. I knew how to get the clearance if I’ll need it again.

But the process changed and confused OFWs, including myself. Recently, my sibling helped a friend in Canada to get an NBI clearance in the Philippines.

I’m grateful for my sibling for spending precious time to help me and others. So to pay it forward to Filipinos back home, like my sibling, I decided to write about NBI Clearance application.

NOTE from National Bureau of Investigation (NBI):
Effective December 27, 2016. The NBI Clearance Processing will strictly implement the “NO APPOINTMENT NO ENTRY” POLICY for NBI clearance applicants. No appointment will be available on the same day of application.

You’ll know about the details of the policy later.

How to Renew NBI Clearance in the Philippines

This post is for OFWs working abroad including Canada. I divided the steps based on location to make the process easy to follow.

1. Steps for OFWs Abroad

1.1. Get an NBI Fingerprint Card Form No. 5 in the Philippines OR in Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

  • You can ask an authorized representative to get an NBI card form at the the NBI in UN, Ermita. The form can then be mailed to you overseas or you can ask a balikbayan to bring it for you. Once you receive the form, you can go to a fingerprinting service in your area for the rolled impression of fingerprint.
  • If you choose to get an NBI Fingerprint Card Form in a Philippine Embassy or Consulate, you’ll pay for the fingerprinting service. The fee is C$33.75 in Canada.

Additional Resource:

1.2. Attach a 2×2 photograph with white background (taken within three months prior to application).

1.3. Send the accomplished form with photograph and authorization letter to your representative in the Philippines.

2. Steps for Authorized Representative in the Philippines

You’ve seen the reminder earlier about the “NO APPOINTMENT NO ENTRY” POLICY for NBI clearance applicants.

The policy will require more work for your authorized representative; with your help, the NBI Clearance online application wouldn’t take much time.

2.1. Register for an NBI Clearance online appointment. YOU or your authorized representative can make an appointment. But I think, the OFW should schedule the appointment because an email is required to complete the process.

Renew NBI Clearance in the Philippines

Note: If you have an old NBI Clearance taken between the year 2014-2016, you have to enter the OLD NBI ID NUMBER. Otherwise, you have to register as new account.

2.2. Choose the schedule and NBI branch. The ONLY branch that accepts authorized applicants is at NBI Clearance Center in United Nations Ave., Ermita. After making an appointment, print the documents for the application at the center.

2.3. Pay the fee (Php140.00) in the bayad center using the Reference Number. The fee includes the courier service if you prefer to have the NBI Clearance deliver to an address.

2.4. Submit the NBI Clearance application at the center on time. The authorized representative should bring his ID and authorization letter.

2.5. Keep the receipt or any documents for record keeping and reference.

2.6. Send the NBI Clearance through a courier service in the Philippines. (Eg. The cost of sending a document from Manila to Canada is Php1,400.00 through DHL.)

The process of getting an NBI Clearance in the Philippines depends on how efficient is the communication between the authorized representative and the YOU.

The trick is for the OFW to complete the NBI Clearance requirements ahead of time.

Allow at least one month for the entire process to be completed because setbacks can happen or not. It’s best to stay on the safe side, relax, and not panicking.

NBI Contact Information in Manila

NBI Clearance Center
Address: United Nations Avenue, Ermita Manila, Philippines 1000
Telephone: (523) 82-31 to 38 local 5523
Telephone: (526) 12-94
Call or Text 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
(0917) 999-94-21 / (0920) 412-99-99 / (0999) 569-99-64
Website: National Bureau of Investigation

NBI Clearance Delivery
Call or Text (0927) 047-58-71

Final Thoughts

Wherever you are living abroad, the process of getting or renewing the NBI Clearance is the same for the most part.

TIME is the one thing that is spent differently.

So will you get the requirements as early as possible or will you wait till the last minute and stress yourself and the people involve in the process. I say DO it early. I know you’re with me. Right?

This just doesn’t apply to NBI Clearance; it goes with all documents most importantly is the Philippine passport. I’ll update this post with every tips I can glean from my family and possibly from you.

Where are you from applying for NBI Clearance? How did the new policy affects your application?

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  1. Cristy Jane Cabahug says:


    Thank you for sharing this information. I have a situation, the NBI clearance that I have is still valid until September 2018. However, the company that I am applying at wants me to get a new one since the gap between the releasing of my NBI and the day that we landed here in Canada is over a month ( NBI release date: Sept. 12, 2017, date of arrival in CA: Oct 26, 2017 ). I am in New Brunswick and the nearest Phil Consulate where I can go to get the NBI form 5 is at Prince Edward, we don’t have a drivers license yet and my partner is working and I have a part time job plus an 8 months old baby so it’s hard for us to travel.

    1. Can we send an e-mail to Phil Consulate and request for the NBI form 5 to be mailed to us? Or can they send us a scanned copy?
    2. Are scanned copy of the form acceptable? including the 2×2 pic?
    3. In my case, where the NBI is still valid, is it possible to ask the nbi in the Phil to send me a scanned copy of my nbi but the release date will be the day when they scanned it?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      Hi Cristy. Your situation is a something I haven’t heard of. To be honest, the best way to get a first-hand information is if you can call the Philippine Consulate in Prince Edward Island, which you’ve mentioned that is closest to your place.

      To answer your question, I am not sure if the Philippine Consulate will allow the scanned copy of the form but it is possible to request an NBI form to be mailed at your address. Here’s another solution I can think of by asking my relatives in the Philippines. You can asked them to get a copy in the Philippines becasue the NBI form is no longer needed since the record (including biometric) is on file, I suppose. They can follow the instruction in the post. But to be on the safe side, have them inquire if it’s possible to get another copy of the still valid NBI Clearance before making an online appointment and go through the process.

      I hope, my thoughts made sense. And good luck with the job and everything in New Brunswick.

  2. Hi po, ang NBI ko 2007 pa gusto kung mag renew ibig sabihin kaylangan kung mag registered ng bago at kalimutan na ang lumang NBI ko ganun po ba? Yung NBI ID number ko di ba na nila kaylangan yun? Mag sisimula ako sa simula as a new applicant?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      If it’s expired then you need a new NBI Clearance if you need it. I’m not sure if you’ll have the same number. Ang importante malinis ang rekord.

  3. Hello po, I just want to ask ko if ok lang na ipadala ko yung previous NBI clearance co together with my photos and photocopies of my passport and visa? Thank you! Kasi po wala po talaga akong time na pumunta sa Embassy. Ipapadala ko lang sana sa kasamahan ko yung old nbi clearance. OK lang po ba yun? Thanks a lot!

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      You could do that Mayang. But if you are referring to the Philippine Embassy overseas, I think you have to personally come. If you don’t have the time, then ask help for someone in the Philippines to do it for you.

  4. Hello!
    Para sa NBI Clearance Renewal, pwede po bang gamitin yung “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” dun sa NBI website. Ipapa-deliver sa kamag-anak sa Pilipinas, tapos tsaka na lang i-arrange personally yung delivery abroad to the OFW. May nakagawa na po ba nito na successful?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      Hi Matthew. It says that it’s “Applicable only on 2014-2016 NBI Clearances.” I didn’t quite get the scenario. But why not make an online appointment and authorized a relative to do the transaction on your behalf. That is much easier and the common way of getting an NBI Clearance for OFWs. Let me know how it work for you.

  5. Hi, pwede kaya same day process through my authorized person? (Gawa na ang online application with appointment set, and paid) Makukuha kaya the same day kasi ang layo ng probinsiya na panggagalingan?

  6. jerico po

    What if I dont have any authorized person or relatives to take care of my NBI on my behalf back in the Philippines because almost all of them are abroad and I don’t have much of a friend to ask so are there any options that i can choose that doesn’t involve having a authorized person in the Philippines or like just someone working in the consulate to process it and I just have to pay and they will take care of everything?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says:

      The next best thing is to inquire in the Philippine Embassy or Consulate on how to get an NBI Clearance through their office. The advantage of doing it in the Philippines is that you can save more and get the NBI Clearance faster.

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