Forgive Me for I Splurged on Shoes

Checking the email everyday has become a mundane task similar to brushing your teeth. You have to do it at least once a day.

It is my routine to check the personal and deal-hunter email. Then I received an email from the Sample Sale Guys about upcoming sale on Toms shoes.

I signed up years ago when I go gaga over free samples and couponing; it’s hard to keep up organizing my email that I unsubscribed but left a few subscription including the Sample Sale Guys.

In an ordinary day, I’ll ignore the sales. Extraordinary day (buying something important) comes along when you least expect or need it to happen.

Toms Shoes

Why Did I Splurge on Shoes

But aren’t you saving for a house down payment? Or for a vacation in Vancouver? My sensible voice is yelling on my head. Wake up, you @#$%&*!

It’s not possible. The other voice says, “Duh, of course it’s possible. I’m saving the date. New shoes coming my way.”

This is a typical scene in my head every time I’ll buy something that is on sale.

Hear me out first. Let me justify my action. I do need a shoes because the sole of my slip-on shoes was gaping. It is smiling awkwardly as if asking for a graceful exit in my frugal life.

It was hard to let it go but the sale on Toms shoes in Calgary made it easier for me to move on and spend a bit. (How much is a bit?)

In the end, I felt like Judge Judy has vindicated me on my impending splurging. I rest my case. Now, I was on to the chase. Oh my, new shoes after three years.

The Sample Sale Guys Event in Calgary

I’ve never been to an event like this.

Well, there was that one time when I spend on sweater more than what I ate for lunch; I was hungry and getting dizzy looking for a great deal on Boxing Day. Never again . . . for sure.

It was still early, yet I was standing in line along with other Toms or deal fanatic. We were waiting for the gates of shoes abundance to open up. They seemed eager to spend on more than one pair of shoes.

Toms Sales in Calgary Stampede

While I was contemplating why I ended up in that place. The sun consoled me as if saying that the bright future is ahead of me and there was no way to backout with my equally frugal friend.

No retreat. And so within minutes we faced the greatest confusion of a consumer.

What colour, design, and size should I choose? Everything looks pretty in my sight. So is the price.

We were all good at stuffing our plastic bags with shoes before deciding the keepers, the shoes worthy to be whisked away out of the chaos.

What I Bought

The plan is to buy a pair of shoes for all weather except the chilling snow (whenever it appears even in September).

But I decided to buy two more shoes for my sibling and grandchild. A relative is going on a vacation in the the Philippines and it’s a perfect timing to ask “Pwede padala ng shoes. Yung maliit lang.”

To which I received a positive response.

Toms Toddler Shoes

My inaanak can wear the shoes this year only if it wasn’t too big for him. Hey, it’s better to buy big shoes than a small one.

I learned that trick from my mom. Looking back, I seemed like McDonald wearing black leather shoes. It was always neat on top but already wearing out underneath just like my other shoes.

They get better, more comfortable, as time goes by.

Toms Vegan Shoes

The next shoes I didn’t see coming my way is a black vegan shoes for my sibling. I am suppose to buy it for myself but the size for the colour I want is small; no more room for my toenail to grow.

May the shoes inspire my sibling to become a vegan or vegetarian. Having two veggie lovers in the family is not a bad idea. (Wishing upon a falling star right now.)

My sibling was delighted with my impulsive/selfless decision. She saved. I splurged.

Pasko naman na. Give love/shoes before Christmas Day.

Toms Men Shoes

Slip-on shoes are my favourite footwear apart from sneakers. It’s casual and even more comfy with socks on. Though there’s a lot of room to grow my toenails, I knew it is the one.

If not, I’ll think of it as the one . . . the one I splurge on and turned me into Santa Claus of shoes.

Final Thoughts

The next time I see an email from The Sample Sale Guys, I’ll quickly delete it or glance, so fast I can barely see the details (50% or 70% off). But I’ll keep an eye  on free samples. Do you know any?

Takeaway: It’s OK to spend on something and for others. But don’t do it regularly. A routine.

Live a frugal life while giving back and asking nothing in return. (Wait I did get points when I used the credit card.)

How about you? What item do you occasionally spend on and justify the act although it is a need and not a want?

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  1. I wish there is something like this here in Thailand.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      That would be great. You can buy Toms shoes as a gift. Are there Toms shoes in Thailand? I think there are already in the Philippines as I’ve been told by my siblings. I sent the shoes with other stuff in the Philippines through a small balikbayan box which is a huge saver. I only bought things that matter; what I thought they really want. (Sriracha for my brother. Dates for my sister. And canned dog food for our Aspin.)

  2. SAMPLE SALES ARE WORTH IT. I would have done it too 🙂

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