I Found a New Hobby and It’s Growing on Me

There’s only one almond milk and remnants of sliced bread. Where are my frozen berries? Gone with the oatmeal and yogurt. I needed to go to the grocery. This is my weekly routine after doing the laundry. Related Post: Becoming a Digital Minimalist What’s in Store for Me No. Stay away from Joe, the clothing […]

Furniture Manila: Buying Furniture Online in the Philippines

What’s one thing you don’t like to do? For me, I’m not excited to shop because it takes me so much time looking and checking the criteria on my list. But I like window shopping at IKEA where I bought my so called minimalist bed. I wished there’s IKEA in the Philippines where my family […]

Where to Buy Construction Materials in the Philippines

As someone who grew up in a rental property, it is unusual for me to see houses being renovated or built from ground up. But it also amazes me that I’m excited to watch the carpenters (my relatives) build a house. I once went down on the hole for the foundation; it was so deep […]