How to Open an Online Account on Philippine National Bank (PNB) Overseas

I am writing this post from an OFW perspective. I was able to open a PNB Savings account in Canada and received an ATM debit Mastercard. (Note: Here’s how you can open an PNB account in Calgary, Alberta.)

And if you are living in the Philippines, I suppose you can also open an online account on Philippine National Bank using the debit or credit card. Wherever you are, as long as there’s an Internet connection, you’ll be able to follow the steps.

PNB Savings Debit Card (Mastercard)

But I’m warning you that the PNB’s website particularly the links on this post might not work the first time. It took me three attempts and cups of hot chocolates 🙂 to open an online account.

Other than technical glitch, the process is fast and easy.

Steps on How to Open an Online Account on Philippine National Bank (PNB)

Before you start, get the PNB debit card, PIN, and cellphone. (You’ll get a text message even if you are abroad. How cool is that.)

  1. Go  to Personal Internet Banking.
  2. Click Register Now > Sign Up > Agree.
  3. Choose the Sign Up Option: Sign Up Using an ATM Card. You can also use credit card or SMS PIN (for those who did branch enrollment).
  4. Enter Your ATM Card Details > Continue.
    1. Select Account Type: Savings Account
    2. Card Number
    3. Card PIN
  5. Create Your User Account > Continue.
  6. Enter the One-Time PIN sent to your cellphone.
  7. Login to your account.
  8. Enter the Online Activation Code sent in the email.

Open an Online Account on Philippine National Bank (PNB)

Tip: You cannot change the PIN that comes with the card other than using the PNB ATM in the Philippines. Great. Another task added on my list for my vacation.

After I made an online account on Philippine National Bank’s website, I explored what are the features of having a PNB Savings account. I’ll be thrilled to find out how you are using the card and the online account. Did it help in paying the bills, saving for a trip, or investing in UITF?

What Can You Do with the PNB Online Account

I’m still continuously learning what are the benefits of having a PNB online account. So far these are the things that you can do with the account:

  • Keep track of the transaction. Check fees and charges deducted without any notice. (My sad experience.)
  • Transfer funds to a PNB account for free (proven).
  • Transfer funds from other account (like COL Financial) to PNB.
  • Pay bills (so many companies on the list).
  • Send money to your PNB account through Remitly (online only) or remittance centers.

What I want to try is how to pay the Modified Pag-IBIG Program (MP2) contribution through PNB. (Sadly, you cannot pay MP2 through a PNB online account. Try PayPilipinas.)

I’ll keep you posted. Make sure to share how you are using the PNB online account.

What’s that? You Can’t Open a PNB Online Account

What to do now? As I’ve mentioned, it took me three attempts. Try and try but before you try again, do the next tip first.

Use different web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome which are free to download. If it doesn’t work with the first browser, try the other.

It wouldn’t cost you anything other than using more patience than ever. I hope it works this time. Cross your fingers. May luck and force ever be in your favour.

And do not bother using the app.

Create and use the PNB account through the web app. It’s the best way for me to do my online banking because it’s less unlikely to crash as oppose to the app.

Simply a trust issue I’m dealing with.

Out of curiosity, what side of the world are you signing up for a PNB online account. Any issues?

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  1. Jovy Ann says

    Hi I’m here in Denmark. I want to retrieved my account in PNB, and I’m confused about my PIN because ever since I did’t change my atm PIN when I get my account. Hope you can help me.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Your PIN is included in the papers and ATM card when you received it. Since you haven’t used the card, you likely have the same PIN. Contact the toll-free number of PNB’s customer service if you can’t find your PIN.

  2. Hello po, I’m from Ontario, Canada planning to open PNB account. Possible po ba sya mag deposit ng money from Philippines then i-withdraw ang money here in Canada? Thanks!

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      That’s a good question Sarah but I haven’t tried it. My plan is to use the card in the Philippines. By snooping around the Internet, I found out that you can use the debit card on International ATM Networks (Mastercard and Maestro). Have a look at the available ATMs in your area before you decide to get a PNB Debit Card. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I encountered the same also, I had a several attempts already and it always says
    ”card number is invalid.”

  4. I tried many times to sign up for the online banking and mobile banking but it always says “invalid savings account”. Please help

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Anna I also had a hard time signing up online. Maybe you should try a different browser like Chrome or maybe there’s a technical glitch on PNB’s website. Try signing up again at a later day.

      • I encountered the same problem it always shows “invalid savings account”. Until now I am not yet enrolled to Digital Banking. Pls. Help

      • Pwede Padala Gal says

        Try different browsers Caithe. If that didn’t work better ask PNB on Facebook or the PNB representative in your area. I prefer to use social media to get a quick response.

  5. Nasa Japan po kasi kami at wala kaming account sa PNB kahit sa Pinas makakagawa po ba kmi dito sa Japan? Tnx po.

  6. Rafael Arcinas says

    Can I make an online transfer from my Bank of America account to Philippine National Bank account using the routing number?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Probably it’s possible. Here in Canada, we can send money to a local bank account in the Philippines from a chequing account. Hope you can give us an update Rafael.

  7. I’m here in Taiwan my PNB ATM savings account need for renewal. Is there renewal through online?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      I don’t think that’s possible Jenny. Make sure to contact the PNB representative in Taiwan at least two months before the expiration of the card since it takes time to get the new card.

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