Do You Belong to the Rambo Generation? Affirmative!

You are strong. You are fast. And you’ve been wanting to go to the other side.

The side that plays with everyone and not guarding a piece of can everyone is aiming at with their tsinelas (slipper).

What I am talking about?

Chances are we’ve all experienced playing Tumbang Preso when we are young.


It was the time when iPad (I’m writing on it right now), iPhone, or other gadgets were probably haven’t imagined yet by Steve Jobs.

Kids played outside under the scorching heat of the sun while mothers wondered where their kids went to. The little ones were supposed to have siesta (afternoon nap).

They were having fun and unmindful of reprimand and walis (broom) waiting at home.

I did have fun . . . and a bit of bruises and scars.

It was the part of my childhood I will always treasure.

Memories and Finance Lessons

Although I felt like crying most of the time I was the taya, I learned a lot of lesson apart from learning how to aim a can using my Rambo slippers.

I can’t recall using other brand of slipper in my entire childhood days.

My mother knows best and when it comes to slipper she made a good choice . . . too good even for a traditional Filipino game:

  • It is durable. No matter how I run or walk or jump, Rambo last longer than my expectation which makes my mother happy.
  • It is affordable. I forgot how much it cost. All I know is if it’s expensive, my mother wouldn’t buy it. She knows what corner of palengke she can buy affordable items using her skills, of course in haggling (tawaran). 
  • It is fashionable. The straps come in red, blue, I forgot what are the other colours; but the most part of the slipper is always black. It’s not a girly designed, kids would appreciate today, but back then a new slipper could catch a fellow kids attention as though I have a new toy to brag about.

All these criteria are what I look for when I go shopping as an adult.

I have to thank my mother for teaching me how to shop items with quality. And the most important thing is I don’t’ have to buy branded products.

Rambo slippers proved that quality doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

Confession: I thought of sabotaging my slipper, that is, cutting it so that I can have a new slipper. Another Rambo slipper.

I didn’t do it. My parents teach me not to lie.

I rather have a clean conscience with my old, clean slipper. (I like washing my stuff even as I child to make them look new.)

My mantra: luma pero mukhang bago! (Translation: old but looks new.)

Because of the habit of cleaning, I learn to appreciate whatever my parents bought for me. The more I keep my stuff clean, the longer they last.

My mother teases me often that my stuff forgets to break. The electric fan that I used when I was in elementary all the way through university was still working when I left to go to Canada.

Sadly, the fan has retired and my brother probably sold the parts a few months after I left.

It has served our family well for so many years. Well done. Farewell!

Final Thoughts

My mother’s influence persists although I was too old to play Tumbang Preso.

My siblings are wearing Islander while I stick to affordable slippers. Any colour. Any brand. It has become a habit not to follow the crowd and use whatever works for me.

My loyalty lies on the budget.

I’m perfectly content of my choice. Use. Clean. Repeat.

If you’re wondering, I also like watching Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rambo during the time I like to play outdoor games. Maybe that was the inspiration for the slipper. A though character for a though product.

I can no longer play with my slippers hitting can but I would still watch Rambo today if it’s on Netflix.

Last thought coming from a Rambo generation:

Let’s aim of finding a piece of the memory of my favourite slipper in every deal hunting.

Something that can last. Longer than our expectation. And wouldn’t hurt the budget.

Carry on, all who belong to the Rambo generation. Leave a frugal life.

What was your favourite slippers? Rambo or Islander? 

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