Is FarmOn a Virtual Farming Investment Opportunity for You?

The conversations with my sister is often about what to binge watch on Netflix. It’s not that she’s not interested in investment; rather she doesn’t have the patience to explain the how and why of things (especially if it’s technical such as stock trading).

So I’m surprised one day in 2014 when she mentioned, a virtual farming investment opportunity she discovered.

I got excited as she kept on talking about gardening, a hobby I started two years ago in the backyard.

I daydream of having an organic farm someday; but through FarmOn, anyone can invest in agriculture in the Philippines. Even OFWs without getting our hands dirty.

Before we go any further into virtual farming, you can visit BaLinkBayan (a project of Commission on Filipino Overseas) to learn the investment and business opportunities in agriculture.

Next, I’ll show you the details of FarmOn to help you decide if it’s a right investment for you.

How Does a Virtual Farming Investment Works

You might have heard of crowdfunding on which people invest on a company in exchange for a profit (equity or cash). FarmOn works the same way.

Through FarmOn, you can become a crowdfunder investing in agriculture.

Here are the steps on how to participate:

  1. Each cycle opens a new project to be funded by crowdfunder.
  2. The crowdfunders choose specific product from the list
  3. Over time, the progress in animal raising or farming is viewed through online videos.
  4. Members will receive reward if the project is successful (harvest time)

Filipinos regardless of location can participate. So it is a good investment opportunity for OFWs who can manage virtual farming online.

It’s definitely convenient but it comes with a disadvantage:

Members who have given their contribution for that project will receive reward only if the project has been deemed successful. Each community members must also acknowledge the risks involved in farming. Factors like climate change and natural disasters are some of the risks involved.

You now have an idea of what virtual farming investment is. It comes with advantage and disadvantage. Let’s focus on the advantage as I show the rewards of becoming a member.

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How Much Can You Earn on FarmOn

The amount of reward/profit that you can earn depends on the product and number of the plots.

As you can see on the photo, members can choose from various vegetables. Other farm investments include pigs, chickens, and ducks.

Virtual Farming Investment Opportunity

The photo shows the product history since 2014. Based on the product and number of plots, the following vegetables have brought in the highest profit:

  1. Squash – 35%
  2. Cucumber – 31%
  3. Tomato – 30%
  4. Bell pepper – 52.2%
  5. Ampalaya – 50.45%

You don’t have to have a lot of cash. The trick in earning more aside from adding more funds is to reinvest what you have earned.

Of course, you can request to withdraw the profit whenever you want to.

Initial deposit:

Return of investment:

Just like in any other investment, you may want to invest a small fund to test the platform. This is part of learning the business and yourself.

Once you earn, will you reinvest or withdraw immediately? Do you have a goal in mind? Questions are endless and so are the opportunities for personal growth as an investor.

The bottom line is are you ready to take the RISK?

Should You Join

You can check the legal documents whether you are in doubt or not of the legitimacy of FarmOn or other investments. In fact, it’s the first step any investing endeavours.

Second do your research. I’m curious as to what others have to say about virtual farming investment. Then I discovered the following bloggers who have positive reviews about FarmOn:

  1. Emily Ann of Peso In Peso Out
  2. Geri of Investment Juan-01
  3. Kriezel Daria of Kriezeldaria

So by now you probably have an idea if you want to become a member.

You can only join through a referral if the cycle is open, that is, the time that crowdfunder can choose a product to invest on (or simply call it planting season).

Registering is not as easy as giving personal information. It’s all about timing.

Update: Referral is not required to join FarmOn.

Registration Reminder

  • The referral (email of a current member) allows you to register but not invest yet
  • The staff has to approve the referred member (you) first and it is manually done

The process of confirming the newly referred member takes time, so by the time you are approved the cycle may have ended.

FarmOn Virtual Farming

It’s likely that you cannot invest immediately. But once you are officially a member, it’s only a matter of choosing the products and waiting for the harvest to gain profits.

Other Ways to Invest in Farmland in the Philippines

Through the years, many have become interested in virtual farming investment in the Philippines and so are the companies that were established to help the farmers raise capital through crowdfunding.

You may check the following companies that are similar to FarmOn to take advantage of other investment opportunities in agriculture: Cropital, PhilCrowd, and Philagrivest. Note: I haven’t invested in these companies.

Will you invest in virtual farming or buy a farmland instead. Share your thoughts in the comment.

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  1. We still have exposures in FarmOn and I’m happy with how FarmOn has grown in the last few years. I hope many farmers improved lives as well. Sadly crowdfunding measures and regulation is not yet established here in the Philippines, but I do hope one day we get there. Many Filipinos have money but find usual investment options rocket science. At least crowdfunding is much easier to understand, and it makes the money circulate to those who need liquidity.

    Thanks for mentioning our blog (investmentjuan01 now named invest money ph). More power to you PPG.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Your welcome Geri. And congratulations for having your own domain name. I hope you can redirect the old site to the URL of the new site to avoid confusion for the readers.

  2. Hey. Look: FarmOn is now transforming to version 2.0 with more exciting opportunities to grow your investment. See

  3. There are no more referrals on FarmOn. Also, are much lower than this now.

  4. I want to refer my brother but I don’t see any option about referrals in my account.

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