Getting All the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Requirements for OFW

A few weeks ago I received my favourite pasalubong from my siblings through a relative who went on a vacation in the Philippines.

Then I also received some books that include my favourite personal finance book: Financial Planning for the Fast Changing World by Christopher G. Cervantes. I recommend this book to newbie investor and anyone who wants to learn more about financial literacy.

So on to the most important pasalubong of all that I didn’t think of asking a few years ago:

  1. The checklist of Pag-IBIG Housing Loan requirements for OFW
  2. Housing Loan Application form

Because I’m an OFW, I decided to ask the help of my tech-savvy siblings in the Philippines. I want them to be involved from the start of housing loan application. We are in this journey together regardless of our distances. (Imagined the Three Musketeers.)

You can follow along and find out if this something you also want to pursue in the future.

How to Get the List of Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Requirements and Form

Choose which method is convenient for you:

  1. Ask a trusted person to get the checklist and form for you. They can mail it overseas or do the pwede padala tradition similar to what my siblings did.
  2. Download the online forms:
    • Checklist of Requirements for Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Under Retail Accounts (HQP-HLF-367)
    • Housing Loan Application (HQP-HLF-068)

You can refer to the front screenshot of the Checklist of Requirements since it was noted by the Pag-IBIG staff whether a document is either required for a buyer or seller.

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Requirements
Next, I’ll give you a peek of the checklist of requirements for OFW.

Checklist of Requirements for Pag-IBIG Housing Loan (Purchase of Lot/Residential Unit)

I summarized the list of Pag-IBIG housing loan requirements for OFW and marked the documents (CHECKED) that I already have.

1. Basic Requirements

  1. Housing Loan Application with recent ID photo of borrower/co-borrower (2 copies) – CHECKED
  2. Proof of income
  3. One (1) valid ID  (photocopy, back-to-back) of principal borrower – CHECKED

2. Income Document

For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), any of the following:

  • Employment contract – OPTED NOT TO SUBMIT
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CIC) – CHECKED
  • Income Tax Return filed with host country/government – still waiting to file in March

3. Additional Requirements

For OFW members upon loan application:

  1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) notarized by a Philippine Consular Office – I’ll get it at the Philippine Consulate General in Calgary
  2. The Fund may also require any or a combination of the following documents:
    • Payslip indicating income received and period covered – CHECKED
    • Valid OWWA Membership Certificate – OPTED NOT TO SUBMIT because it is already expired
    • Overseas Employment Certificate – CHECKED
    • Passport with appropriate visa (Working Visa) – CHECKED
    • Residence card/permit – CHECKED
    • Bank remittance record – CHECKED
    • Professional license issued by host country/government – NONE

I ONLY included the requirements that are applicable for me as an OFW. You can refer to the Checklist of Requirements for the complete list for self- and locally employed members.

After the checklist let’s move on to the application form.

Filling Up the Housing Loan Application Form

Writing my personal information on the Housing Loan Application form is straightforward but I have to clarify some information to the Pag-IBIG Facebook Page.

(Hint: Your question is answered immediately as compare to sending an email.)

1. Collateral

I was confused on this part so I sent a message on FB and this is the response I received:

The property that you are going to purchase will be your collateral in availing our housing loan as you will submit the certified true copy of the title together with the other needed requirements. You may visit this link for more information on our housing loan program.

See, I told you they are not only fast but smart too. Kudos!

2. Credit Cards

I have three credit cards in good standing. One of the cards has a high credit limit though I’m not sure if it can positively affect the housing loan application. Maybe I should ask.

3. Character References

For the character references, I chose my relatives in Canada and in the Philippines. I might as well add a friend in the list for variation.

If you have question in filling up the housing loan application form, let me know in the comment and we’ll figure out how to accomplish the form.

Processing Fee

In the Certification section of the Housing Loan Application form, the following fees are specified.

  • Php 1,000.00 – non-refundable processing/filing fee
  • Php 2,000.00 – to be paid upon loan takeout

The words are so small that I almost missed the fees. (Mind you, it’s not intentional.)

What to Do Next

I’m still waiting for the Income Tax Return and still yet to get a special power of attorney. Other than those documents, I’m all set. (I’m excited and anxious at the same time.)

Years ago my only concerned is to buy when the hoodie I kept checking online goes on sale for at least half its original price. And now this housing loan. So much for variety in to-do list and adulting.

I’ll update this blog post with any progress I make in completing the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan requirements for OFW.

You can follow my journey of buying the dream house; I’ll write the lessons, tips, and struggles (not a lot I hope).

Are you also planning to apply for a housing loan of buy a house? Share your journey in the comment.

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  1. I’m planning to get condo under Pag-IBIG housing loan; my question is, is it possible to be approved even without the signature of my husband? We are legally married but he’s now living with another girl that’s why I don’t like him to be involved in any document I’m applying for.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Hi Chai. Since one of the requirements is a marriage contract, it is best to consult a lawyer since both of you are still legally married in spite of separate living condition. I am not a lawyer or real estate agent so I can’t give any legal advice regarding property acquisition. But I do know one thing based on my experience, make sure that you are the sole owner of a property. You don’t want to have another person to have a legal claim on your investment/property.

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing your info, currently I’m looking forward na ma apply sa of Pag-IBIG fund ang house na kinuha ko sa pinas.

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      Good luck Anne. Are you working abroad and will have a representative to do all the processing in the Philippines?

  3. David Montoya says

    Is there mandatory down payment required and if yes how much?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      You can use the Housing Loan Affordability Calculator to find out the estimate of equity (the amount you have to pay) because Pag-IBIG cannot loan the whole value of the house being sold. Even then, Pag-IBIG will conduct an appraisal to determine the value of the house. To make it simple, expect to pay 20% of the market value of the property.

  4. Hi, thank you for sharing your ideas on how to process Pag-ibig loan for ofw. I am a bit concerned with the ITR. I am a Dubai based ofw and fortunately we are tax free here. I had an ITR in my previous company in the Philippines but I doubt if its valid. Should an ITR necessary?

    • Pwede Padala Gal says

      But do you get any report about your income every year from the government? It would be best to contact Pag-IBIG on Facebook to get a faster response. They might also ask you to submit a payslip. Or if you have a co-borrower, she/he can submit the ITR. Best of luck. Keep us updated.

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