Unexpected Mail: Free Nescafe Gold Cappuccino

I used to love coffee that I helped myself with a huge cup of coffee three times a day. Adding a lot of cream like hazelnut and vanilla further encourage my cravings.

Flash forward: I am now coffee free for four years and counting.

When I see a sample of free Nescafe Gold Cappuccino in the mail, I knew my old-caffeine-fanatic self would jump for joy. Already, turning on the electric kettle then savouring the aroma while time stood still.

In reality, I gave the free sample to others who are enamored by caffeine from coffee. My friend has no intention of quitting coffee. While I don’t want things to go to waste. Giving is the perfect solution.

But, I though for a second, maybe, I should give it a try. It’s free anyway.

Nah. I’m an abstainer (as opposed to moderator). Who knows if it would rekindle the old flame of passion.

Free Nescafe Gold Cappuccino

How Did I Get a Free Nescafe Gold Cappuccino?

I had the history of signing up for coupons and samples that my email was flooded with offers and things I couldn’t remember signing up for.

Fortunately, it was easy to unsubscribe and the only website I kept was Sample Source on which I haven’t get anything from, because I am slow in signing up for a sample whenever it is available.

Why can’t they make it as easy as signing up for The Sample Sale Guys that I was able to buy Tom’s shoes for half the regular price.

So to answer the question, I have no idea exactly where the free Nescafe Gold Cappuccino came from.

But thanks anyway to whoever thought of me. That’s kind of sweet. My friend sure did love it. Next time how about a coupon for organic tofu or vegan ice cream. 🙂

Where to Get Coupons and Samples in Canada

While I cannot tell you how to get Nescafe Gold for free, I’ll let Our Life On a Budget show you on how to get free samples in Canada.

What about you, how do you get free samples? What’s the freebie that you received and think it’s a great deal and would even consider buying it.

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