How to Apply Online for an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)

I was ready to board my flight. Checked in the baggage and that was it.

Or not. Where’s my OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)?

Whatever the reason I wasn’t able to have an OEC on that day was a mystery to me. I may have been stressed out with all the requirements and excited and anxious with the new life that awaits me in Canada.

If only I can apply online for an OEC back then on my first experience of travelling on a plane, I wouldn’t have to spoil such a momentous event in my life.

Apply Online for an OEC

After frantic asking and fast pace of walking at the NAIA Centennial Terminal 2, I was able to pay the OEC and made it through the somewhat 14 hours of flight from Manila to Vancouver, BC Canada.

I’m so thrilled for OFWs today who can now avail the various POEA online appointment services especially the OEC application.

What is OEC?

Years ago, OEC for me is my ticket to board the plane because I wouldn’t be allowed to leave without it. (It is also called the “exit pass or clearance.” You have to present it in the international ports of exit in the Philippines.)

I learned as a blogger and an OFW the importance of Overseas Employment Certificate.

OEC is a requirement under POEA rules and regulations. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who obtained an OEC are protected and properly documented.

Quick Facts about OEC:

  • OEC holders are exempted from paying the airport terminal fee and travel tax.
  • OEC is only for OFWs.
  • Balik Manggagawa workers with employment visa or work permit are exempted in paying OEC:
    • returning to the same employer;
    • returning to the same job site; and
    • has record in the POEA Database.

It’s a good thing that OFWs can save by not paying other fees as an OEC holder and those who are having a vacation can be exempted.

Next, let’s find out if you will make an appointment or have an OEC exemption.

Apply Online for an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)

The Balik-Mangagawa Online Processing System is launched for the convenience of OFWs who don’t have to line up for hours in the POEA. (Anyone who experienced to line up at POEA at 6:00 am and your service no is more than 100?)

All you need is a computer with a reliable Internet connection.

Take note: do not get confused with the process because the system is used for the following purposes:

  • Get an OEC online
  • Get an OEC exemption

As I’ve mentioned before there is an OEC exemption for qualified OFWs.

In my case, I wouldn’t be qualified for the exemption; but I can still use the Balik-Mangagawa Online Processing System. I will proceed to the Balik-Manggagawa Apointment page for reqular processing of OEC on a chosen schedule and processing site.

Based on the advisory at the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver when you apply online for an OEC these are the fees:

Processing fee: Php 100.00
E-payment service fee: Php 19.50

If you have updated information about the fees or anything relevant to Overseas Employment Certificate application, you can leave a comment and I’ll immediately update the post.

For the complete information about the OEC exemption and technical problems, you can download a PDF copy.


Whether you are exempted for OEC or not, we should all take advantage of the online services the Philippine Government provides for OFWs.

Choose to apply online for an OEC from now on.

If you don’t know how to use a computer or fear that you may click something and everything will turn into a disaster, ask for help.

From the past few years that I’ve been living in Canada, I experienced how helpful the Filipino community is. I even saw once in the library some Filipinos helping a kababayan to submit an application.

Bayanihan is still much alive practice wherever you can find Filipinos.

Resource: Embassy of the Philippines Singapore – Overseas Employment Certficate (OEC)

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