Sending Balikbayan Box from Calgary

Suspended: The Bureau of Customs has a NEW RULE about duty and tax-free balikbayan boxes. Download the information sheet for consolidated shipments of balikbayan boxes.

I wrote Balikbayan Box Shipping from Canada to the Philippines a few months ago. I decided to narrow down the list for the purpose of sending balikbayan box from Calgary only for my own reference and other kababayan who have decided to settle in Cowtown.

So that’s how I come up with a blog post.

If I want to learn about something, I write and research about it. Well honestly my list of to-write post is getting longer, but you can still send in your suggestion in the comment.

Balikbayan Box from Calgary

Before you skim on the list, I have to remind you that I don’t personally recommend any of the balikbayan box shipping company.

Still I wouldn’t hold back in writing my experiences which are all good . . . so far.

Freight Forwarders Shipping Balikbayan Box from Calgary

The list is arranged in alphabetical orders. I’m just saying that I don’t play favourites but don’t hesitate to tell me yours and feedback whether good or bad.

1. Forex Alberta

I’ve known this company since I arrived in Calgary; in fact, I still have one of the aging receipts pinned on the vision board (cork board) to prove the days when I’m hooked in sending boxes.

Take note. Shopping is not a remedy for nostalgia even if your buying for your loved ones. Nostalgia wouldn’t go away; the good part is that I’m not a shopaholic anymore.

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Calgary Price (Pick Up  and Thursday Drop Off):

Manila – $75, $65
Suburbs – $80, $70
Luzon I – $85, $75
Luzon II – $90, $80
Visayas – $95, $85
Mindanao – $100, $90

Contact Information:

Address: 328-39th Avenue S.E. Calgary, AB T2G 1X6
Telephone:  (403) 873-6739 / (403) 243-2912 / (403) 232-6712
For after office pick up: (403) 399-2912 / (403) 399-2553
Fax:  (403) 243-2003
Toll Free: 1-866-503-6939
Toll Free: 1 (866) 503-6739
Website | Facebook

By the way don’t get confused with the company’s name Forex Alberta and which is the link of the website. (Maybe a new domain name is needed, a suggestion to the webmaster.)

Office Hours:

Monday to Saturday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
Sunday (10:00 am – 4:00 pm)


  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan

Other Services:

  • Air parcel
  • Money remittance
  • Travel agency

2. Jenrich Fast Cargo

From Forex Alberta to Jenrich Fast Cargo, I never had a problem sending my balikbayan box from Calgary to the Philippines. Both companies will replace the number of balikbayan boxes that they pick up.

Then you can start waiting for sales again. Do it in moderation.

Regular Box Pick Up and Drop Off Price:

Manila – $70, $60
Suburbs – $75, $65
Luzon I – $80, $70
Luzon II – $85, $75
Visayas – $90, $80
Mindanao – $100, $90

Contact Information:

Address: Suite 101, 6036 3rd St. SW Calgary, Alberta T2H 0H9
Mobile: (403) 615-6465 ALO (403) 607-1305
Telephone: (587) 354-0993 / (587) 354-0994

Office Hours:

Monday to Saturday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
Sunday (10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Other Services:

  • Travel agency
  • Money remittance

3. UMAC Express Cargo

I can’t say much about UMAC since I haven’t availed it’s forwarding service. And I can’t find a single soul on the Internet saying negative feedback about UMAC either.

If you’ve sent balikbayan box from Calgary through UMAC, share your experience in the comment.


  • In-house fleet of delivery trucks
  • Free box strapping and box replacement
  • Track your box online
  • DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) accredited

Regular Box Pick Up Price:

Manila – $80.00
Rizal – $85.00
Luzon I – $90.00
Luzon II – $95.00
Visayas – $100.00
Mindanao – $110.00

Calgary Office:

Ms. Desilyn Ines / Mr. Roberto Sicam
4630 11 ST NE Calgary,Alberta T2E 2W7
Telephone: (403) 452-8622 / (403) 452-8623
Fax: (403) 452-8629

Philippines Head Office:

130 Ipil St. Cor. Ipil Ext. Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Telephone: (632) 941-4212 / (632) 475-4057 / (632) 475-4229
Fax: (632) 475-4058


  • Vancouver, British Columbia (604) 759-8622
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (204) 788-4539
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (306) 954-3458
  • Calgary, Alberta (403) 452-8622
  • Edmonton, Alberta (587) 520-8605
  • Regina, Saskatchewan (306) 570-3721

So there we have our Three Musketeers when it comes to freight forwarding in Calgary.

I’m looking forward to updating the list because I know more Filipinos are moving to Calgary from other cities such as Vancouver and Montreal.

More Filipinos, more travelling boxes.

I couldn’t disagree with them. Calgary is a thriving city. It is one of the Top 10 Destinations in Canada in TripAdvisor.

Tips in Sending Balikbayan Box

Before I digress further to tourist destinations from boxes, I’ll give you tips on how to make sure that your family can enjoy the gifts all the way from Cowtown.

(Do you have plan of putting inside the box your cowboy hat from Calgary Stampede? Or the teddy bear you’ve won?)

  1. Avoid sending the balikbayan box in Christmas Season to avoid the stress of whether your family can receive the box  in time or not. You can send the box as early as September instead.
  2. Ask for discount or promo whether you are a new or a loyal customer. Who knows you might be able to save a few dollars by asking . . . with a smile.
  3. Find out the contact information in Canada and in the Philippines so your family can track the shipment online and can immediately inquire. It happened to us once; it’s a good thing my sister had kept me updated till the boxes arrived.
  4. Keep the receipt or invoice. Take a photo and send it to your relatives; it may can in handy when the situation in tip #3 happens.
  5. Give yourself a break. I have to add this last tip although it’s unrelated with giving back and has something to do with saving tips.

You could use the tips above and my hack on how to pack items (including dog treats for bantay) inside a balikbayan box.

If you own any of the companies or have new information, let’s work together in keeping this post up-to-date.

For those who live in a different city, read the other post for more balikbayan box shipping companies in Canada.

Which of the companies in the list can you recommend?

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