What Did I Buy for My Birthday

As years go by I treat my birthday as a typical day. Another day to be grateful for all the blessings.

Gratitude makes the heart content and happy.

This year, I decided to treat myself for one of the things on my not-so-expensive wish list.

I bought a vegan ice cream.

It’s special because it’s vegan. And i’’s my birthday. Not every day I would get to have a desert, especially now that I’m eating mostly raw food (fruits, salad, and vegetables). But I’m not 100% raw vegan to be clear.

SO Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Joy in Simple Things

Finally I’ve tried a vegan ice cream, my simple joy in life.

That’s how I try to see life, that is, to find joy in seemingly ordinary things. Why it took me so long to have a vegan ice cream?

Because it’s expensive compare to a dairy ice cream. SO Delicious ice cream sandwiches cost around $5.00 (8 sandwiches per pack). I bought it on sale. What a perfect timing.

Are you wondering how does it taste. It taste like ice cream and less creamy but if it has chocolate or caramel then it would taste way better. Vanilla is always my default choice when I can’t figure out what to buy.

Other ice cream would cost around $8.00 to $10.00 for a small pint.

Once I bought a gallon of ice cream for only $5.00 (always buying sale items). I had desert after every meal. That was one of my unhealthy days I walked away from.

So to have an ice cream that is also vegan is a treat.

Like a fiesta. It’s a special occasion way back in the Philippines, as a lass, I would be given money to buy Selecta ice cream because someone in the family has a birthday.

Sidenote: When I had a vacation in the Philippines this summer, I noticed that the price of ice cream is so expensive.

Going further to chips section to visit my favourite junk food, Piattos. I was shocked that it costs 70 pesos. What’s going on? There’s a conspiracy here; all prices went up. So high I always sigh.

Read the Label

Labels are misleading. Throughout the years I read the label of the product that I am buying especially if it’s my first time to try it.

I grabbed a small on-sale ice cream. Dairy-free ice cream. Checked. Then I read the label.

Hi there milk! What are you doing in the ingredients list. Bye now.

Why are companies trick consumers with false claim.

Consumers want to get what they are paying for. I’ve watched a show of CBC Marketplace about where the juices in Canada are made. Is it made in Canada as the label says so.

As a consumer, have the patience to read the label. It will only take a little of your time and has a huge impact in your body. Your wholistic health.

Read the label even when it’s your birthday and want to treat yourself (hopefully with something still healthy, though a bit expensive).

So have that vegan curry pizza (that’s a good one, try it) or beyond meat burger patty (vegan, $8.00 ish in a community grocery). But stay informed and vigilant even if it’s your birthday.

Hmm. What’s next on my wish list? Ramen noodles in a Japanese restaurant, not in a cup and ramen label on it.

What birthday present did you buy for yourself?

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