Dream House Update: New Prospect

For the whole week, the weather here in Canada is like icy winter. Nothing new but does it have to be -30 all week? The good news is, it will get warmer next week; a great way to start the new year.

But before the year end, I’ll share what happened after the last dream house update which was about tax declaration issue I posted a month ago.

Christmas Tree at TD Square

Moving On

The owner of the house didn’t have time to fix the tax declaration problem as soon as possible. So we waited for a few weeks.

It turned out that a huge amount of money is needed to settle the tax-related problem. After I heard the news from my sibling, I knew that it’s time to walk away. Move on. Find a new property with clean papers.

Tip: If there’s one thing I learned about this, is that, to check the property’s record right away. We wasted time in waiting for the result.

The good thing is that we haven’t submitted the official application for PNB Housing Loan. The staff reviewed the requirements and discovered the problem.

Although my family like the house; they supported my decision to look for a new property. They quickly moved on and took action to start Plan B.

(I asked them to take a break but they didn’t want to wait for the new year. Hmmm . . . this dream house would be within reach with such persistence.)

New Year, New Plan

I already heard an update from my family. And here are the things that we want to do next year:

#1: We plan to buy the house of a relative. They want to talk about it after the holidays. The house has been one of the choices (aka last resort) ever since my family visited the place. It’s been at the back of our mind and now it’s the only thing on our mind. (Do we sound desperate?)

#2: I’m working on consolidating my Pag-IBIG contribution so it would be possible to apply for PNB and Pag-IBIG Housing Loan at the same time. What do you think? We’ll take whichever will give the first loan approval.

#3: Although not directly house related, I’ll share it anyway. I will send a small balikbayan box for my family. They’ve been working so hard, dealing with the stress of negotiation, loan application, and rejection that I want to show my appreciation without spending too much.

May the New Year brings us luck.

I dream of my family moving in a different home. A place we can call our own with an elephant figurine my mom admired in the houses she visited in different occasions.

It’s easier and cheaper to buy a decor than a house, yet we are optimistic that we can do both.

My family and I wish you a Happy New Year. May you fulfill those dreams or move closer as if you’re already living the dreams.

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