I Tried the Security Bank Housing Loan Quiz

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve been writing about Pag-IBIG.

It is my first option in applying for a housing loan to buy my dream house (more of a first house).

Recently I’m considering to loan from a bank. After trying some comparison sites, I found out that Security Bank has one of the lowest interest rates.

Security Bank Housing Loan Quiz

Last week I decided to take the Security Bank Housing Loan Quiz although I already tried the mortgage calculator.

I entered my personal, employment, and other information.

Did I pass? Here’s the result.

Drumroll . . .

Housing Loan Quiz - Approved


What a happy penguin; I passed in the criteria of accumulating debt.

But it’s more of an investment for me and my family since we wouldn’t have to pay rent and expect price appreciation of the property.

I wouldn’t go beyond this point of the quiz because it will lead to submission of housing loan application.

What’s Next?

My siblings will enquire in a security bank branch closed to our place.

We’ll see how things will go. What I wish to know other than a low interest rate is the fast processing.

Sellers are hesitant to deal with buyers who will apply for a bank loan and even more with Pag-IBIG.

They don’t want to wait that long.

But we do. My family and I have patience and don’t want to rush things.

It is our first time to buy a house and we’re working hard to do it right.

You’ll know what we are up to next, so keep on checking the blog especially if you are also planning to buy a house.

Photo Credit: securitybank.com

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