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Before my siblings and I went to our first out-of-the-country trip together, I insisted for them to not leave without getting insured through Malayan Insurance.

Since I’m vacationing from Canada and will be going to more countries, I bought my travel insurance on World Nomads, a company known by many travel bloggers.

Getting a travel insurance online has never been easier and cheaper.

My siblings paid a little for many benefits they could possibly claim. Fortunately, no mishap happened in the trip.

We had fun and get lost. Nothing out of the ordinary for newbie adult travellers. Right?

Your turn. If you are travelling from or within the Philippines, I got you covered.

You don’t have to get a quote or fill up the online form to find out what Malayan Insurance can offer for travellers.

Malayan Insurance - Travel Master

How Much is the Malayan Insurance Travel Master

You can choose among three categories of travel insurance. The fee varies on the destination and number of travellers.

1. Travel Master Lite

You can go to any Malayan Insurance branche and agent for a travel insurance with lower coverage.

2. Annual Master Insurance

If you want to travel for a long period, Annual Master (or Frequent Flyer Special) is for you. It covers unlimited number of trips per year, with a maximum limit of 90 consecutive days per trip.  You must declare your itinerary before leaving.

  • Local – Php 6,075.00
  • Asian – Php 7,075.00
  • Worldwide – Php 10,195.00

The eligible traveller’s age for Annual Master Insurance range from 1 to 64 years old. Parent or guardian should accompany minors (1 to 17 years).

3. Travel Master

My siblings bought two travel insurance for 8 days (Php 1,350.00) because we planned a 5-day Siem Reap tour. Isn’t it nice to be insured per day for affordability?

Travel Local
4 days – Php 350.00
8 days – Php 625.00
15 days – Php 925.00
24 days – Php 1,275.00
31 days – Php 1,575.00
45 days – Php 1,975.00
60 days – Php 2,475.00
90 days – Php 3,725.00

Travel Asian
4 days – Php 375.00
8 days – Php 675.00
15 days – Php 975.00
24 days – Php 1,375.00
31 days – Php 1,675.00
45 days – Php 2,075.00
60 days – Php 2,575.00
90 days – Php 4,075.00

Travel International
4 days – Php 525.00
8 days – Php 965.00
15 days – Php 1,345.00
24 days – Php 1855.00
31 days – Php 2,235.00
45 days – Php 2,735.00
60 days – Php 3,365.00
90 days – Php 5,990.00

Rates are inclusive of taxes and charges and are compliant of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN).

In getting a travel insurance, the travel duration must cover the date of departure to date of arrival.

You can buy the travel insurance online (except Travel Master Lite) or download the enrollment form and submit it in a Malayan Insurance branch.

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Benefits of Travel Insurance

What I am concerned of is the medical emergency while travelling. I’ve read stories of Canadians racking up thousands of bills in USA.

I’m ecstatic that my siblings would be covered in case of medical emergency and other unforeseen events.

  • Personal accident
  • Emergency medical treatment (accident/sickness)
  • Personal liability
  • Recovery of travel expenses
  • Travel inconvenience benefits
  • Travel assistance benefits
  • Value-added benefits

Check all the product features and benefits of the travel insurance for more details.

Malayan Insurance Payment Method

Payment Method

You can pay online or through Bancnet Online Fund Transfer. Another option is to visit any Malayan Insurance branch.

  1. Pay by credit and debit card
    1. Visa
    2. Mastercard
  2. PayCash (over-the-counter)
    1. BDO
    2. BPI
    3. RCBC
    4. Bayad Center
    5. Cebuana Lhuillier
    6. ecPay

After paying, the policy is delivered in the email address given in the registration within a few minutes.

You can call the customer service hotline at 628-8628 or send an email ( if you didn’t receive the policy.

Malayan Insurance
Head Office: 4F Yuchengco Tower 1 484 Quintin Paredes St. Binondo, Manila
Tel: (632) 628-8628 / 242-8888
Website | Facebook

Should You Get a Travel Insurance

A resounding yes. I certainly don’t want something unpleasant to happen to be able to use a travel insurance.

We all want to enjoy our vacation with less worries.

But if a medical emergency happens then, you’ll be less stressed by relying on a travel insurance.

So do not forget to add travel insurance on your budget. Forget about souvenirs or five-star hotel if you are travelling on a shoestring.

When was the last time you travel with your siblings? If you’re planning, where do you want to go for an epic, instagram-worthy destination?

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