Sun Life Financial Registration and Sign-in Contest 2019 (Canada)

Monthly draws will take place each month between June and December 2019 at 1:00 p.m. (ET) Well I could have easily missed the Sun Life Financial Contest (2019) if my financial advisor/agent didn’t send me a birthday card and a notice. (What’s my simple gift for myself?) Get a chance to WIN $5,000.00 in cash! Me. I’m right here. I love joining […]

What are the Term Life Insurance Plans in the Philippines

A few months ago, I was venting how hard it is to find a term insurance in the Philippines. My sibling found a suitable whole life and health insurance but it’s costly. I knew there has to be an affordable term life insurance in the Philippines. These could be elusive but definitely not extinct. So […]

Why is it Hard to Find a Term Insurance in the Philippines?

When I started driving, I had no qualm in getting a car insurance. It’s a necessity, but when it comes to life insurance it took me a lot of reading to finally choose the right term insurance that fits my needs. So I became a buy term invest the difference (BYID) advocate. I walk the […]

My Costly Life Insurance Mistake You Can Avoid

While writing my biggest OFW mistake, I realized I have another mistake which made me spend from not so much to unnecessary expenses. I guessed it’s common for OFW to make mistake and my story is another thing of the past. But I wrote about it anyway so that others can AVOID and don’t have […]